SMA intends to become a relevant player in the power domestic environment, actively acting in its several segments – hydro, thermal and wind – along with state of the art joint venture partners which hold the technology, expertise and proven management experience on power plants.

Aware of the escalation of environmental problems around the world, and the new solutions adopted by developed countries for a global sustainable development, SMA intends to opportunistically invest in the so called “clean energy” or renewable energy segment, thus taking advantage of certified emission reductions stemming from the Kyoto Protocol as a by-product of its investments on such power segment.

The company would like to form joint ventures – through special purpose entities (SPEs) – so as to invest and assist the ventures across their development and investment cycles.

Despite its solid trackrecord in real estate and recent focus on power, SMA  is constantly seeking attractive business opportunities across industries nationwide, working both as operating and investing partner in its deals.

The company strongly prizes for its reputation in the market, having always adopted and demanded an ethical and conservative approach.


SMA: “creativity and intelligence applied to value creation.”

“SMA constantly pursues new business opportunities nationwide, which shall yield superior risk adjusted returns to its partners and co-investors.”