SMA intends to become a relevant player in the power domestic environment, actively acting in its several segments – hydro, thermal and wind – along with state of the art joint venture partners which hold the technology, expertise and proven management experience on power plants.

The company pre-sold the plant to its equity partner in 10/18/06, yielding  a significant return and currently analyzes similar ventures for investment.

SMA has recently successfully invested in the power industry  along with Countour Global  LLC., a company owned by reservoir capital group, a US$3 Billion equity fund based in New York. The company invested in a run-of-river hydroelectric plant located in the state of Goiás which will have an installed capacity of 21 MW: São Domingos II Plant.

SMA coordinated the entire process, including but not limited to: (i) site acquisition; (ii) governmental and environmental licenses and approvals; (iii) project debt financing; and (iv) construction.