Shopping Pátio Maceió

Total Gross Leasable Area (GLA): 34,513.0 m²

Status: SMA owns a 34% equity participation on the development

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  • Recently launched as of 11/25/09, Shopping Pátio Maceió meets the strong demand for good quality and variety of retail space in the capital of the State of Alagoas. The development is located in the northern region of the city of Maceió, a region characterized by its populational density, growing industrial activities and good quality transportation system.
  • Representing more than a R$100 million investment, Shopping Pátio Maceió shall count with a client base of more than 900,000 people whose monthly income reaches R$390 million.
  • Shopping Pátio Maceió’s modern architectonic concept prizes comfort, functionality and aesthetic. Comfort because it focuses in wide and ventilated spaces with a good use of natural lighting. Functionality due to its unique project, having all of its stores great visibility and exposure to the public. At last, but not least, the mall prizes for aesthetics due to its modern architecture – designed by Eduardo Mondolfo – that provides majestic lines to the development. Shopping Pátio Maceió is indeed a mall projected to please everyone.

Maceió Shopping (Formerly denominated Shopping Iguatemi Maceió)

Total Gross Leasable Area (GLA): 40,250.35 m²

Status: SMA divested its equity participation as of 02/2007, selling it to Ecisa (above priory described and incorporated to what became the public corporation denominated BRMalls).


  • Launched as of 04/11/89, Maceió Shopping was the first shopping center located at the capital of the State of Alagoas: Maceió.
  • Maceió Shopping is located at Avenida Gustavo Paiva, a growing neighborhood in that city.
  • Maceió Shopping has 165 stores, anchored by C&A, Lojas Americanas, Insinuante, Lojas Marisa, Lojas Riachuelo, Leader and Ricardo Eletro; it also counts with a 21-establishment food court.
  • With its expansion expected to be due by 03/18/10, the development shall have 02 additional anchors - Lojas Renner  and  Lojas Maia -, 52 satellite stores and 6 Multiplex theater rooms.

Amazonas Shopping

Total Gross Leasable Area (GLA): 49.529,3 m²

Status: SMA divested its equity participation as of 02/2007, selling it to Ecisa (above priory described and incorporated to what became the public corporation denominated BRMalls).


  • Launched in 11/07/91 and located at Manaus, capital of the State of Amazonas, the Amazonas Shopping Center is truly considered a local commercial turning point development, setting new standards for quality and services to that region.
  • The development expanded as of 11/24/00, nine year after its opening. The expansion brought even more modernity, quality and security to its clients. In 2007, the mall switched its management to BR Malls, significantly assisting its development.

Shopping Pátio Belém

Total Gross Leasable Area (GLA): 37,145.58 m²

Status: SMA sold its equity participation to Ecisa (entity controlled by the company currently listed on the Bovespa under the designation BRMalls) as of 02/2007.


  • The formerly denominated Belém Shopping Iguatemi debut in 10/23/93, having 04 anchors (regionals, nationals and internationals), 222 satellite stores and 5 Moviecom theather rooms. The store mix includes a wide array of brands and franchises of clothing stores, services and convenience stores, food court and leisure areas. The 5-levels parking garage offers 1,108 parking spots, and is accessed through 3 vehicles entrances. The mall is located in downtown area of the city of Belém where there’s a concentration of its high-income population as well as corporations, financial and educational institutions. The development has an average customer traffic of 1,350,000/month and 16.2 million/year.

Shopping Piracicaba

Total Gross Leasable Area (GLA): 27,813.92 m²

Status: SMA divested its equity participation as of 02/2007, selling it to Ecisa (above priory described and incorporated to what became the public corporation denominated BRMalls).


  • Shopping Piracicaba is the largest shopping and entertainment development in its region. Established 20 years ago and currently managed by BR Malls, the mall offers a store mix of 114 stores, with renowned brands.
  • The development is also comprised of a 20-store food court and 09 anchors, namely: C&A, Casas Bahia, Centauro, Dicico, Lojas Americanas, Marisa, Nobel Mega Store, Ponto Frio and Renner. The mall counts with a wide parking garage and air-conditioned spaces.
  • Besides its food court, the Shopping Piracicaba has plenty of leisure and entertainment options to the whole family: 5 movie theater rooms, bowling and video games. The mall also hosts cultural events, strengthening its relations with the community.

Tropical Manaus Business

Location: Manaus (AM)


  • Located at the front gate of the majestic Amazon Forest and offering cutting edge technology, services and amenities in an ecological resort, Tropical Manaus Business is a beautiful 16-floor tower of blue tempered glasses, steel and granite with a dazzling view of the Rio Negro (Black River) and Amazon Forest.
  • The perfect venue for business and pleasure. Carefully projected to offer a first-class environment to its clients do business in Brazil, Tropical Flat’s guests can choose between 370 ample rooms and suites. Guests feel as if they were on vacation at the Brazilian biodiversity.
  • Ideal for workshops or business meetings, Tropical Manaus Business counts with full service, international hospitality and the best location for business meetings in Brazil.
  • Such development is currently one of the top sightseeing destinations at the city of Manaus.

Usina PCH São Domingos II

Location: São Domingos river (GO)

Status: SMA sold in advance its equity participation to its institutional partner as of 10/18/06, yielding a significant return of its employed capital and currently analyzes similar projects for investment.


  • In an association with Countour Global LLC., a subsidiary of Reservoir Capital Group, a US$3 billion New York –based investment fund, SMA invested in a 21 MW run-of-river small hydroelectric plant (“PCH”) located at the State of Goiás: Usina São Domingos II.
  • SMA coordinated the entire process, including but not limited to: (i) site acquisition; (ii) governmental and environmental licenses and approvals; (iii) project debt financing; and (iv) construction.

Residencial Terras de Santa Adélia

Location: Cotia (SP)


  • Residencial Terras de Santa Adélia is a residential land subdivision which focuses on quality of life and practicity. Located approximately 40 km away from the city of São Paulo (via Rodovia Raposo Tavares highway), the condominium counts with a beautiful lansdscape project and plenty of space to seduce buyers. The development counts with the following premium structure:

  • Land lots ranging from 500 to 1.500 m²;
  • Assembly room;
  • Gaming room;
  • Tennis courts;
  • Multi-sport court;
  • Children and adult pools;
  • Private lake;
  • Eco-track;
  • Fitness center and playground.

Residencial Bosque Imperial

Location: Manaus (AM)

Status: More than 95% of its residential lots sold.


    • The land subdivision project denominated Bosque Imperial represents a very stylish and convenient condominium designed for the whole family.
    • The condo is comprised of 78 luxurious land lots, having the following amenities:
    • 24/7 private and computerized security system;
    • Permanent motorcycling patrol;
    • Real-time perimetral protection system;
    • Video-Camera monitoring system;
    • Pool;
    • 20-meter–pool lane;
    • Playground;
    • 03 leisure squares;
    • Assembly room;
    • Social Club;
    • Sauna;
    • Fitness Center; and
    • Permanent environmnetal protected area.

Residencial Gaivota I

Location: São José do Rio Preto (SP).


  • From its basic infra-structure to its building finishings, lobby, leisure area, water tanks, utilities and much more, the residential land subdivision project Residencial Gaivota I has a premium quality standard at its heart. The project is indeed considered unique as it was designed and supervised by the renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer.